SRES Mission 1,000 takes shape

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Hilary, the Seniors Real Estate Specialist is on a mission to help get the word out to senior homeowners who are planning to sell or buy a home. She and her team have come across many older adults who have felt forced to sell their homes without the proper guidance to ensure a number of issues are addressed before and during the process. We do much more than work to sell the house. For example: constructing a short to long-term action plan for the transition, being sure they have their next home lined up in time, not leaving money on the table, protecting the equity received, ensuring medicare/medicaid is not affected, suggesting services to protect and manage their estate, insurance, the packing and the move – all of these to make moving easier as we remember…

“Real Estate is more than property – it’s about the people” ` Hilary Walker

The ‘SRES Mission 1,000’ is a project to raise awareness to 1,000+ adults, over the age of 50, about the services of a Seniors Real Estate Specialist who can provide a customized plan for their late in life real estate needs. Read more here…

SRES Mission 1000
Aiming to help seniors know they can choose a Seniors Real Estate Specialist for their real estate needs.