Client Reviews

We appreciate the kind words and testimonials below from our Atlanta Seniors Real Estate clients. We believe real estate is more than property, it’s about the people, especially when it comes to navigating relocation needs that are unique to Baby Boomers and their families.

“Hilary is the best! The experience was great because of her level of professionalism. She went above and beyond in assisting with difficulties that were not, in my opinion, her responsibility. She did a lot the keep the process moving. I would HIGHLY recommend her. Truly one of the best!” – Cynthia Small (Google review)

“Hillary is so special. You have a rare opportunity to meet someone who sincerely wants to help others. That is Hillary. Very knowledgeable, supportive and understanding. Highly Recommend!” – Stew Keene (Google Review)

“I chose Mrs. Hilary Walker as my real estate agent and haven’t regretted a moment of my choice. Hilary specialized in Senior/Adult Communities. I had moved from another area in the country with list of specific needs and desires which Hilary kept foremost in searching for an Adult/Senior community. Securing the residence is just a part of purchasing property and Hilary possessed a wealth of information, coordination and guidance throughput this process. I highly recommend Mrs. Hilary Walker as the real estate agent to secure in your search for your home. – Gwen Armstrong (Google Review)

“I want to first thank Hilary Walker for all she did for me during the selling of my home! Her personal touch throughout this process made me feel very special and confident! She was always available when I called her and very resourceful when questions were asked! The visits were always positive and encouraging with valued information to help me through the transition! I would truly recommend her to other seniors for selling their homes.” – Brenda Williams (Google Review)

“Hilary Walker is the BEST.  She was recommended to me by two friends who were her clients.  At our first meeting, there was no doubt in my mind that she is truly the right realtor to fit my needs.  From the start Mrs. Walker was business like, yet compassionate and caring.  I shared with her my desire to sell my townhouse and move into a Senior Independent Residence.  She was just as interested in my finding the right home as she was in getting the townhouse sold.  She even went with me to see the new apartment and asked the appropriate questions, before I signed a lease. We remain in touch even though our transaction closed almost one year ago.  I consider her a family member and will recommend her to anyone who needs her services.  It is a real privilege for me to write this preview for Mrs. Hilary Walker.” – Ms. McCatty

“Hilary went above and beyond and was always a complete pleasure and a total professional to work with. She is very competent and will always go to bat for her clients. She is very skilled at communicating both with seniors and younger family members. Hilary helped us get top dollar for my mom’s house and was always managing expectations skillfully with both the buyer and seller. My mom especially loved chatting with Hilary and put her at ease, which made the whole process go much smoother. Bottom line, she will get it done.” –Thomas

“A Seniors’ Real Estate Social Worker is a perfect title for Hilary Walker.  According to the Google dictionary, social work refers to “work carried out by trained personnel with the aim of alleviating the conditions of those in need of help or welfare”.  In our experience, Hilary works tirelessly to alleviate the unique conditions that make moving so difficult for seniors, and she is trained in real estate to represent their best interests in the sale of their home.  It takes a special person to be able to understand the challenges seniors face when confronting the prospect of moving at their late stage in life.  Managing them with respect and dignity and assuring their interests are being met is a delicate balance.  Hilary seems to do this with ease. We would highly recommend Hilary Walker to anyone looking to sell their home and, more specifically, to seniors faced with the daunting task of embarking on these changes late in life”. –Patty

“Before putting my home on the market for sale, I had several consultations with real estate agents to see who would be a good fit with me, meaning who could communicate with me, get the best value for my home, be very professional, and had my personal consideration above their own. When comparing the three agents that I consulted with, Hilary Walker was able to get me $10,000.00 more than estimated by the other agents. She even demonstrated her service above one of those internet companies that sell you on the convenience of not having to show your house. Even with that, she was able to provide a clear comparison that showed a $15,000 gain when using her services instead of them. Hilary’s ability to analyze the uniqueness of my community, and evaluating offers, were invaluable to me.” –Anita Warner Hibbler

“Hilary is so special. You have a rare opportunity to meet someone who sincerely wants to help others. That is Hilary. Very knowledgeable, supportive and understanding. Highly recommend!” –Stew Keene

“We have not met anyone who cares so very much about the needs of her clients as Mrs. Hilary Walker!! She has demonstrated such humanitarian qualities, more than we can express in words. She does not care for the financial gains as much as she cares for the well-being of her clients!! Hilary is unique in her approach to making sure the people she comes in contact with are well taken care of! whether it is selling a piece of property or recommending the purchase of a home! Predicated upon these qualities, we would recommend her to any and everyone who needs to buy or sell his or her property!! She will make sure you are well taken care of in every way.” –Leon & Lucy M.

“Professional, Passionate, Personable, Positive, Prepared, Proactive, Perceptive, Persistent, Productive, Prompt, Patient, a “People Person!” We just wanted to state the facts about Hilary Walker! If you are seeking a Real Estate Partnership to either buy or sell your home, Hilary will provide you with the tools to make it happen. She is competitive, market oriented and more importantly client focused. We both had objectives and Hilary certainly demonstrated that she was committed to helping us find our dream home. An unusual encounter in Conyers provided the opportunity for us to begin a two and a half year journey of discovery that was filled with ‘Ah Ha’ moments. Military and career moves have made us instinctively aware of what we did not want. Hilary was flexible and willing to accommodate our unique needs without giving up hope. We are appreciative and so happy with the level of service we experienced. Thank YOU!” –The Williams Family

“Hilary was such a joy to work with! She did a fantastic job listing my family’s condo. The property photography was also top notch. Within a couple of days of listing, there were multiple offers on the table. My wife and I picked one and Hilary handled every detail flawlessly. This was by far the smoothest real estate transaction I’ve ever been a part of. If you’re looking for a realtor who pays attention to you, maintains excellent communication, and is friendly and knowledgeable, Hilary is the one!” –Cody C.

“Hilary Walker is a Realtor, Par Excellence. She helped me sell and buy property, and after 11 such experiences, I can honestly say there is none like her. I was impressed by her friendliness, patience, kindness, diligence, honesty and professionalism. Her goal in my transaction was that I get what my property was worth and to place me in a home I would enjoy, like the one I was leaving. Her knowledge of the business is remarkable. Everything she told me she would do, she did, even projecting how much I would get for my property. Co-ordinating the transition from one home to another, amidst negative circumstances beyond our control, did not impact the orderly and timely transition she planned. I believe Hilary enjoys helping her clients more than the financial gains of her work. Words are inadequate to describe the quality of the service this realtor, Hilary Walker delivers. I am so thankful to have had that experience. I wish this for many others.”  –Ms. Lindo

“Hilary could NOT have been more helpful!  She was hired to help my parents sell their home, but she went well beyond that duty!  She calmly walked them through every aspect of the moving process and, when questions arose outside her realm of expertise, she helped them connect with the proper professionals so the issues could be addressed and explained satisfactorily to them.  She made sure they knew how to proceed, and why.  Hilary patiently worked with them and prompted them to take on each task as it arose.  We truly believe our parents would be sitting in that home to this day, wringing their hands with worry and having more and more difficulty managing the physical upkeep of their home, if it hadn’t been for Hilary’s comforting, assertive, and professional demeanor. Hilary was also very professional with strong communication skills at all times.  She went above and beyond her role as a realtor several times as she intervened in negotiations with their lawyer.  She facilitated conference calls with the lawyer, them and their son (or two), to get  legal paperwork handled in order to keep moving in a forward direction.  She asked pertinent questions, made sure the answers were clearly understood, and strived to create deadlines to ensure accountability.  In addition, she helped them connect with businesses to handle in-home sales and auctions to explore options to clear out the home.” –Jeff

“Having worked with a number of real estate professionals over the years, I can honestly say that Hilary Walker has unique qualities not found in many. Ms. Walker assisted me in attempting a concurrent out-of-town house sale and in town house purchase, both of which were complicated. She listened carefully, researched what was unfamiliar to both of us and collaborated closely with the other realtors. All of this was done with great patience and tact at a time when she had a number of other demanding commitments. I highly recommend Hilary Walker’s professionalism, focus and elegance.” –Ms. Mendanhall

“Hilary Walker is an awesome realtor and I recommend her to first time home buyers or seniors or anyone else who appreciates a professional who pays attention to detail and listens to her clients. Hilary found the perfect house for me and my family after listening to all of our wants and desires. She answers questions kindly and asks questions gently. She will hold your hand throughout the entire process. Don’t trust your family’s future with just anyone, trust Hilary.” –Mr. Davenport