What is Swedish Death Cleaning or dӧstädning?

It sounds worse than it is – dӧstädning is really just the process of getting affairs in order.  It’s a Swedish cleaning exercise that involves the family and paring down what we have as we grow older.  Here in the US, we downsize and cleanout but dӧstädning is really about selecting those things we want around us and thinking about what will happen to our things when we pass. If you want a family member to inherit an item, go ahead and pass it on to them. Make your wishes known and enjoy life with less clutter and only those most meaningful items around you. And, let family and friends go ahead and enjoy the things you want to share with them.

Senior relocation company Caring Transitions introduces us to Margareta Magnusson who wrote the popular book, The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning.

(Published with permission of Mike DeLeon with Caring Transitions of Northeast Atlanta) A  decluttering phenomenon has swept the world, called Swedish Death Cleaning (SDC). Traditionally, this is an old tradition within Swedish culture known as, dӧstädning. Translated to English, it means “death cleaning.” Margareta Magnusson used this concept, giving it a modern update when she wrote her book, The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning.

Magnusson writes, “If you care for your loved ones then it’s only fair to spare them the emotional and physical burden of cleaning up your stuff.” This is the basic concept of SDC, letting go of the amount of items in your life because when you pass on. This way your loved ones are not handling a mountain of unmanageable items which could cause stress or, even worse, in-fighting amongst them.

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