Meet the Team

Building a team of agents who care about the work we do with our clients is no easy task. We work with people who understand the attention, patience and detail that is necessary for working with the older clientele, each of who are likely to have very unique requirements.

The agents we partner with are passionate about working to achieve successful real estate goals, by removing some of the stressors or protecting our clients from experiencing too much stress throughout the journey. Each of these agents have their own unique style and skills that make them suitable for working with anyone who has a real estate need.

We have partner agents all over the Metro Atlanta area  and in other cities across the country.  Hilary and her local partner Orion are featured here – other partner details are provided depending on required location.

Hilary, Associate Broker and Team Lead, was born and raised in London, England and came to live in the US in 2005 when she married her Air Force husband. She has a Masters degree in Anthropology and years of experience as a consultant with non-profit organizations, working as a property manager, and becoming a property investor. Becoming a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) has led to her becoming an Instructor for other Realtors®  and organizations wanting to learn more about Baby Boomer homeownership issues – now she is able to fill people with information that they use to make an informed decision. Her overall desire is to help others grow in their own power, so building a team of successful and caring agents became the next logical move in her real estate business.

Orion grew up in the Military and while she has lived in many states, she settled in GA with her husband of 14+ years and two adorable children. She has a BA in Business Management and runs a successful cosmetic business. Along with her excellent customer service skills you’ll appreciate her detailed presentation when marketing your property for sale and her attention to you when it comes to finding your next home. Trust this focused entrepreneur to bring the real estate results you want.

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