When you need to take the car keys from a senior driver.

It’s one of our most popular blogs and social posts – how older adults and their loved ones navigate the decision of when to take the keys away from an elderly driver.

Most will agree that it’s a conversation seniors should have with their caregivers or adult children sooner rather than later. It needs to happen before there’s an incident requiring that they relinquish the car keys.

The Georgia Consumer Protection Guide includes a section dedicated to Diminished Driving Capacity which includes links and resources helpful for family members such as:

>How does one surrender a driver’s license and get a new form of ID? Visit your Department of Driver Services Customer Service Center.

>Are there options if you feel a family member needs to surrender their license but they refuse? Yes, you can ask the Department of Driver Services review the situation. More on that process here.

The Guide also includes steers readers to an AARP free online seminar called “We Need to Talk” (aarp.org/auto/driver-safety/we-need-to-talk) which helps families evaluate a loved one’s ability to safely drive a car. It also offers suggestions for how to have the conversation about when the elderly family member should stop driving.

>>Click here for the complete Georgia Consumer Protection Guide for Older Adults which packed with great information and resources on a number of issues facing seniors and their families.