Top 5 Homebuyer Turnoffs

When my clients are considering selling their home and we want to get top dollar, I really encourage them to take a look from a purchaser perspective. Being aware of what things turn off a buyer is essential.

Opendoor did some research and found the top turnoffs for buyers. If you’re thinking about making any improvements this year and know you’ll be selling at some point in the future, this can be quite helpful.

  1. 54%: Outdated bathrooms
    Think outdated tile, cabinets and countertops. Consider new light fixtures and fresh paint to make the bathroom look bright and clean.
  2. 49%: Old carpet
    Old carpet can be overwhelming and distract from other features in the home. If you can’t afford to replace it, ensure it is clean and stains are treated.
  3. 41%: Outdated kitchen features (countertops, cabinets etc.)
    It’s generally the most used room in the house so it needs to function well. Cabinets can be painted but explore replacing outdated countertops and backsplash.
  4. 32%: Textured ceilings
    It can be costly to have them scraped and painted but some homeowners can do it themselves. Either way, that clean, flat ceiling can make a big impact on a room.
  5. 30%: Outdated appliances
    Old appliances need to go but if you can’t replace them, ensure they’re clean and working. Some sellers are able to turn a quirky, vintage appliance into a selling feature perhaps in a midcentury modern home but it’s rare.

Also, pay attention to curb appeal. The appearance of your home’s exterior sets the tone for what the buyer will find inside. They’ll start calculating at the curb what they’ll need to spend to make the home livable for them.

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