Georgia Real Estate Scam Warning

Stealing your property without your knowledge.

Georgia counties are warning property owners of real estate fraud. People are using forged documents and signatures to transfer the title of a home or other property without the owner’s approval. Worst of all, many property owners may have no idea their property has been stolen.

Gwinnett County warns of an incident where a resident had issues paying property taxes because the property had, without her knowledge, been transferred to another person. (Read more about the case here)

The fraudsters are using quitclaim deeds which were designed to be a way to transfer ownership between trusted individuals such as family members.

So, how do you check your own property? I recommend you first conduct a title search. You can also enroll in the Georgia Superior Court Clerks Filing Activity Information System. That will notify you if there is activity on your property such as a change to the deed, mortgage, or a lien is filed on the property.

A Georgia state legislator has filed a bill (House Bill 888 – the Georgia Not On My Deed Act) which would authorize Superior Court Clerks to require ID for anyone recording property deeds.